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Bullseye is a family owned farm with agricultural roots dating back to the early 1900's. We produce tomatoes, tree crops, and several award winning rotational crops.  Our goal is to produce the best quality product possible on a large scale, bringing value and taste to our buyers and consumers.




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At Bullseye Farms we take great pride in our people. Without quality staff, we would not be able to produce quality product.


Job Opportunities


Want to be part of a great team? Inquire below to learn more about why Bullseye is a leading employer in the Woodland area.




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We strive to understand and enhance our cropping ecosystem.  We want to foster a healthy relationship between our crops and the environment in which they grow.  It is our hope that our practices will sustain environmental quality and natural resources while satisfying the demand for a healthy, tasty product.  

A principle that we have focused on in our orchards is soil regeneration.  We return hull, shell, and inferior nut meats normally regarded as waste, back the orchard floor. We source and spread local green waste compost, and we plant winter cover crops.  Together these practices insulate the soil, prevent erosion, and feed the organisms in the soil that in turn change organic matter and soil minerals into plant food. This improves the biological diversity of our orchards both above ground and below.  As a result, we have seen remarkable improvements in our soil and crop health.

Here are just a few ways Bullseye Farms stays ahead in sustainability and technology:


We practice Integrated Pest Management focusing on prevention of pest damage through extensive monitoring and wide range of preventive cultural practices.


We use precision farming, including the latest technology in GIS/GPS systems, aerial imaging, remote climate monitoring, and automated drip irrigation systems.


We focus on soil health.  Soil is the living ecosystem that sustains our crops and our business.  We manage our soil to function optimally and to not degrade it for future use.